The Time Has Come to Bid Adieu

Essay 3 has been revised and submitted for grading. My reflective memo written and posted. Now I come to this, my final blog entry to what at first seemed to be an endless semester.  But how that has changed!  I remember reviewing the syllabus thinking of all the work I would have to put in to this class.  And yes, there was countless hours of research, writer’s block and hair pulling.  I have made it to the end and with my head held high.  With the writing skills that I have learned, I am confident they will assist me in my future classes and the many papers yet to be written. 

Sitting at my computer, I tried to connect with some of my fellow students.  Many I have come to realize are older students like myself.  Maybe not as old but slightly seasoned.  We all are here for a reason, we have a dream and a goal before us.  We are all reaching for that degree and the doors that it will open for us.  And for those who are young and fresh or near fresh out of high school, enjoy these years and take advantage of your youthful mind.  Together we stressed over Essay 2 and panicked when the research proved challenging.  We breathed a sigh of relief with Essay 3 only to find it surprisingly not easy at all.  We toiled over what Ala Carte project to complete and juggled to find the time to complete the assignment amidst the work we had already on our plate.  But we pulled through stronger than when we started.

My plans for my immediate future, more schooling.  I will have a nice month off before I head back to the books and tackle College Algebra.  Then a short week break at the beginning of August where I will enjoy a week in Punta Cana on the Caribbean Sea with my husband in celebration of 25 years of marriage and a honeymoon we never took.  Then on to the next semester of school. 

In closing my fellow classmates, I wish each of the best of luck in your future.  Perhaps one day our paths may cross again.  Until then, I bit you all, Adieu…


Essay 3 and It’s Crunch Time!

This week is by far the busiest of the whole semester!  There is so much on my plate that if I put one more thing I think the plate will break!  Essay 3 is just about complete with revisions.  I wanted to take a few days to bounce the essay off a few people.  I hope to have it polished and presented by this Friday along with my reflection memo and final postings to the blog god.  In the meantime, I still have two discussion boards in Philosophy and final to study for; an algebra final coming up and still homework to complete and turn in.  Where does the time go? 

Back to essay 3 where I need to concentrate on punching it up a bit.  I believe I have a good thesis statement but had a tendency to drift away from my point and end up with more of a summary instead of a point.  I think that watching the movie once more helped to refocus.  I am playing with different twists and words, trying to find just the right ones to put the spark into it.  Maybe my next class should be creative writing!?!  I thought that this essay would be a breeze but given the type of resource and what we need to do, I find it just as challenging as the other two!  One cannot say we haven’t learned this semester!

Well, back to work my fellow writer’s as our end is at hand!

The Final Leg of The Semester

Here we are only a couple of weeks away from the finish of the spring semester.  All my classes seem to have doubled the work as we push to the end of the class.  Finals are in the wings and projects are due in.  This semester has been a full one academically for me.  But I do have a sense of accomplishment.  And that my friends and fellow classmates is what it is all about.  We are improving ourselves, one class/semester at a time.  I have learned critical thinking through my Philosophy class; saw Algebra in a different light and what applications it “does” have in our daily lives; and become a better writer, at least in structure and research, that will enable me to produce acceptable papers for future classes along with enhancing my writing at work.  Every class I take leads me closer to my end goal of a degree I have always yearned for. 

I know for some of my classmates it has been a difficult time.  Many of you are struggling to balance home life, work and school.  Just know this, no matter what, the end will justify the means.  Your hard work will enrich your lives in the long run.   

We are all winners here.  So my fellow classmates, let us hold our heads high as we cross the finish line of the semester!  May your future be bright and your rewards bountiful!

Words of Encouragement

Sometimes I amaze myself at how much work I can get done while under stress.  At the beginning of the week, I was faced with so much on my plate Ididn’t think I could add one more item to the already long list of To-do’s.  I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed, in tears and doubting my abilities to complete the needs of the week.  My husband came up behind me and reassured me that what I am doing is good and that I am strong willed and will see it through.  These words of encouragement fueled my spirit and I was able to complete the tasks with time to spare.  Though I am by far not free of all school work, I can afford to spend some time this weekend relaxing and recharging for the final leg of the semester.

Many of us have experienced stress and doubt in this class.  We all thought we would be committed by the end of Essay 2.  It only shows that with critical thinking and determination we prevailed.  We all must keep in mind if it was easy we won’t be learning and wouldn’t take from this class a sense of accomplishment.  I for one  enjoyed the experience of this class.

The finish line is around the corner!

I have just completed the draft version of Essay 3 and submitted it to Safe Assign for a quick check.  Barring any hiccups, I will be able to submit for Professor Stacy’s review by tomorrow evening.  With the end of the semester quickly approaching, I find myself scrambling to gain an advantage on all my classes.  Finals are quickly approaching and with the festivities of Derby and the Mini Marathon just around the corner I am most certainly pressed for time and getting in my last bit of training!  Maybe this is another form of Spring Fever among students!  It is hard to believe that  with only 3 weeks left I will have completed my first full year of college.  Being an older student this is definitely a significant mark in my education.  What I thought, just a few years ago impossible, I am now accomplishing!  The pride can be seen on my face and in my conversations that I have with anyone who asks about my educational goals. 

My education has taken the front seat in my life.  I have raised my children and have seen to their education.  Now its my turn.  With a house that could be deemed a disaster area and a husband who is supportive  but lacks domestic abilities, I forge my way on this journey to obtain an education I dreamed of so long ago.  My promise to myself is that long-awaited degree. 

I know this class has been stressful on some of us, but it has made stronger writers of all of us.  Write on fellow students!



Movie Review: True Grit

The movie True Grit released in 1969 told the story of a young girls quest for revenge of her fathers death with the aid of a roughneck US Marshall and a wet behind the ears Texas Ranger. Kim Darby portrays Mattie Ross , a head strong young lady with a flare for business, who takes it upon herself to bring to justice her father’s murderer, Tom Chaney.  Chaney shot her father and stole the money he was to use for the purchase of horses along with his lucky gold pieces.  When she sought the assistance of the Sheriff of the town, she was told that he could not go after him since he escaped into indian territory and only US Marshalls had the jurisdiction of seeking the wanted in the territory.  She is told of the US Marshalls and sought out Rooster Cogburn, a brash alcoholic, played by John Wayne, and strikes a business deal to track, capture and bring before the judge for hanging her father’s murderer.  To complicate the matters further, a young Texas Ranger, La Boeuf, played by Glen Campbell, has also been tracking Tom Chaney for the murder of a Texas Senator.  Personalities clash among the three and sparks fly as Mattie  is insistent on accompanying the two lawmen in the capturing of Tom Chaney.  She is bound and determined to see Tom Chaney hang, but the Texas Ranger wants sole possession of the outlaw so that he might claim the rewards offered by the State of Texas and the Senators family.  Rooster Cogburn takes a liking to Mattie and looks after her as a younger sister.  Texas Ranger LeBouf bucks Roosters authority and causes trouble.  In the end, justice prevails, and Mattie obtains the revenge for her father and the lasting friendship of Rooster Cogburn.

It’s Movie Time!

I had decided a month before we were to start essay 3 to write on True Grit (although Blazing Saddles was a close second thought).  I loved John Wayne as a little girl and watched all his movies.  They were the only western movies that I can recall ever being interested in.  Forget Clint Eastwood, I loved the swagger John Wayne had in his stride.  So after clearing my desk of the debrid of Essay 2, I asked my son if he could look to see if Netflix had the 1969 movie (they did remake the movie in 2010 but it was not on the list nor did I want to watch a John Wayne film that didn’t have him in it!)  He searched and said that it was available and set it up for me to access on the Wii in the family room.  There I sat poised with pen and notebook along with a bag of popcorn and soda to boot.  The only thing missing were the JuJu beans.  As the film began and the characters made their debut in the movie, John Wayne just didn’t look like the Rooster Cogburn that I remember, and what was Matt Damon doing in the film!?!  Yep, wrong version!  I tried to search the Netflix database for the 1969 version but was totally unsuccessful.  Bummer…

My only option now was to either a) search the city of Louisville for a copy in the numerous stores that sell vidoes or, b) order it from an online source.  My sister told me that if I ordered a new copy from Amazon that I would be sure to get it on a couple days since their fulfillment center is in Hebron, KY.  Taking her advise I ordered my copy and had it sent standard shipping thinking that it would just be a day or two.  How long could it take to get to me?  Hebron is just in my backyard practically! 

Time is ticking away and I’m getting nervous.  Homework is piling up and I still haven’t received the movie!  Five days later, the movie finally arrives, just in time to compete with an already busy weekend.  I could have drove a few miles up the road, picked the movie up at the fulfillment center and have already reviewed and have a rough draft already typed out! 

Moral of the story, I should have asked it to be sent “Pony Express’!