The Short Version of Me

My name is Renee Roberts and I am an older adult returning to school.  I am a mother of three and a grandmother of three.  However, I certainly do not act middle-aged.  I am an Administrative Assistant in a large consulting firm and work fulltime.  When I am not at work or studying, several hobbies and activities fill my time.  I am an active runner, practice and teach yoga to other middle-aged women, and enjoy reading and sewing.  Yes, I am a very busy person and relish every minute of it!

Once I complete my Associates of Art Degree, I will transfer to a 4 year University to obtain my Bachelors degree in Business, unless I change my mind again! I have a supportive family and friends who, without their encouragement, I would not have taken on the goal of finally finishing my degree.  Several of my friends have also returned to college and we find support in each other.  We even have study date nights, gather frequently to review ideas, and assigned writings, our own peer review.

This will be my second semester of online classes and feel comfortable in this venue of learning.  It does require more time and attention than your traditional lecture class, but I find learning this way allows me to exercise critical thinking and keeps me focused.  I have to work hard and I reap the benefits of being disciplined.  Needless to say, I score 13 out of 13 on the Online Readiness test. 

There are times when I can feel overwhelmed with taking 3 courses and working fulltime.  In my prior Writing class, the instructor was always willing to help and give direction when I became confused.  I am confident that I will have the same support from Professor Stacy. 

I wish all my fellow students good luck and happy learning!


3 responses to “The Short Version of Me

  1. I think it is great that you live such a busy life but maintain your health also. My friends and our mothers would go to yoga class every Saturday morning. It was so much fun, and made my day so much better. I hope that you have a great semester!

  2. I would like to start by saying, you have such an awesome underlying tone in your writing. You personality really shines through, which makes it exciting to read your entries. You sound like such a busy woman and I give you credit for being able to juggle so many things. I have two children who consume all my time, I could not imagine juggling children, a full time job, school and a yoga instrucor all at once. Good luck to you and all your future endeavors whether that be a bachelors in Business or whatever your heart desires 🙂

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