From Gold Rush Pot Rustler to Philanthropist

Reviewing the long list of people to write our first essay about was not an easy task.  It was knee deep in names I am familar with and interesting to say the least.  But I found one that was just a bit off the standard of famous westerners.  Margaret Tobin Brown.  Yes, the “Unsinkable Molly Brown”. 

Now how could she be part of our Western history?  I just have to find out!  I have done my initial search on the world wide web and found some interesting links.  There is an official site which gives information on the Museum  This has a lot of information but not as indepth as I would have thought. 

 Of course there is the site for the Titantic which offers many pictures on board the fatefully ship.  It also includes several links to articles in various newspapers regarding Molly Brown.  It even contains the notice of her death.  But Margaret Brown’s life had more to it than just the Titanic sinking. It is my quest to know more about her during the Gold Rush to her Philanthropist life before and after the Titantic.

There are several good sites that offer information regarding her life:

I am still searching for more detailed information regarding the many things that she did in her life and from the brief articles I have reviewed, she had a life full of purpose.  On that I hope to convey in my first essay of this semester.

Using the World Wide Web as a primary resource has been a bit confining.  Being from the old school days of learning when you went to the library and searched the catalog for reference materials are long gone.  So this will be another lesson in learning!

Happy Trails!


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