Write then write some more…

Writing should be like talking.  I like to talk. I can argue a point, tell a story and even be comical when the mood strikes me.  Then why is it so difficult to write!?!  Perhaps we put too much stress on structure and spelling at first that we lose our train of thought and the next thing you know, you are staring at one line and nothing more.  Doesn’t matter that you have been staring at the computer screen waiting for the words to flow from your fingertips.  Your efforts are fruitless.  The next thing you know you are banging your head against the desk, panicking that you won’t make the deadline for your assignment.

I happened to post on my Facebook page that I was already stressed over the idea of writing an essay with limited sources.  Thank goodness my daughter’s best friend happens to be a teacher with a Masters in Special Education.  She gave me some sound advice that helped me get past the writer’s block that I was stricken with.  I thought it would be useful to my fellow students who happen across my blog and who are also struggling with the blank screen before them:

“Write your thesis statement toward the end so it encompasses all you said in a concise way.  Write first with freedom.  Connect the dots with transition later.  Beef up the introduction after the paper is done.”

My paper started to flow, still needs work, but it finally started to form on the blank screen.  Now that the draft is near done.  I can spend time doing the polishing and beefing up.  Thank you Melissa Powell Hausman for your sound advice!  Now if I can only stop panicking over the Works Cited page!


One response to “Write then write some more…

  1. I understand exactly how you feel. I have been doing a lot of research and writing down facts and trying to keep them in order. My paper is about General Custer and since there is so much information available, I am now looking at more than ten pages. I don’t know what I want to weed out, let alone whether I should start at the beginning, the middle or the end but I need to get a rough draft pumped out by the end of the day.

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