The Peer Review Process… Wait for it, wait for it!

The wonderful peer review process has begun and I am hopeful that it will not be like the last semester.  I was luckly to get a review and of the few I got, it wasn’t insightful.  As a matter of fact, the person didn’t have a clue. 

The peer review is a valuable tool for the writer, both in giving the review and receiving.  We get to exercise thoughts and hear the thoughts of our potential readers.  I can write all day but if it doesn’t make sense who would read it?  I need to learn from others and others from me.  Exchange of ideas open doors for more ideas and better ones.  I myself will patrole the discussion board and try my best to assist those who are lacking the essential peer review.  Those of you who read my blog and understand the the lack of review and how it affects the writer, I challenge you to check the discussion board and offer review to those who have very little.  This is an important step in our writing process and would hate to think someone missing out.

To those who will review my essay, thank you!  And to those I review, I hope my comments help you acheive an excellent grade!


One response to “The Peer Review Process… Wait for it, wait for it!

  1. I totally agree with how helpful it is! Since we don’t know each other we aren’t giving bias opinions. We are just giving advice for how much we enjoyed reading it or if there were grammatical errors or flow problems! It is such a great tool! So much better than having your best friend read your paper in high school and say it was perfect! hah. Well i hope that whoever reads your paper gives you some great advice so you can make improvements and get a really good grade!! Good luck

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