The Reviews Are In…

Peer Reviews are now coming to a close.  There were many good posts on the discussion board that gave me several ideas to adjust my own work even though it was not aimed at my paper.  Everyone seemed to try to give their best advise to assist the author in the final phase of writing before posting the finished product. 

I do need to give a big thanks to Jim Flickering for reviewing my paper given the state it was in!  For whatever reason (tech support is working on it) the last part of my paper was missing.  I even tried to repost and it still cut off the last few paragraphs!  But he was able to give me helpful insight to some necessary corrections!  And I do so appreciate his help.  Blake Carlson also tried to review my essay for me.  Poor guy was having internet troubles and lost his post.  Guess we had the computer gremlins hard at work making a mess of things!  Thanks you both for your efforts!

I was able to review four essays.  I would have loved to do more but time is limited when you work 40+ and taking three courses.  I enjoyed reading many of the essays and thought we all did a good job.  Most of the things I noticed (perhaps still a work in progress) was the formatting of the paper. 

All in all it looks like we should see many excellent pieces posted to the blog sites for review by all! Congratulations everyone on round one of our first essay! 

Happy Writings!


One response to “The Reviews Are In…

  1. I am glad you liked your review! Your paper was written well enough up to the point that the copy messed up so I figured the rest would be consistent with that. I understand what you are going through. It is very hard to work 40 hours and still do well in school. Keep up the good work and sleep when you can.

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