What!?! Revise My Masterpiece!?!

Revisions are so difficult!  You work your rearend off getting the draft just so and now we have to rip it apart and rebuild it, AGAIN!  Not an easy task but a necessary one.  Since my draft had very little peer review, I shipped it off the the Chapman Writing Center for a review by a writing tudor.  The results were eye opening!  The tweaks and changes that need to be done, I would have not thought of on my own. 

Now my work really starts, with axing parts and expounding on others.  Shifting and shaping.  All in hopes of a good review by Professor Stacy and in the long run, making a better writer of myself.  Your real work starts when the revising phase begins!



2 responses to “What!?! Revise My Masterpiece!?!

  1. LOL …I agree revisions are very hard but very much necessary!!!! I didn’t take advantage of the Chapman Writing Center, but all the comments I’ve read about everyone using them was very helpful to me. I will definitely use them on the next essay, just a bit nervous that I didn’t use them this time around.

  2. Hello!!
    I will like to thank you so much for the beautiful comment you post in my blog. You are so nice and funny!!! I really need all the support I can get! ja…ja…ja! Well I think I got the inspiration I need it and it look like you find your too. I finally finish my paper and I think its great!
    I hope you have great success on your paper!
    Good luck!!

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