Thoughts on the Persuasive Side…

I am from a large family.  I am the oldest of seven children.  When it came to persuading my Mother that an item was necessary for my existence or the need was so great that I just had to go there, well… I lack luster.  I do however, have a younger sister that can persuade an Eskimo that he needed ice!  Some of us are talented in this area, some have to work at it.  And I have, many times. 

My first step is going to be the big one.  What is it that I want to persuade my readers?  That can only be fashioned from research.  And that is the major key to finding my stance on the topic.  I know very little about many of the topics to choose from.  So initial research to find a topic that is interesting and has a good amount of information is critical. 

I hope that I can do the task justice, given the fact that persuasion is not one of my strong points.  Though my husband may beg to differ!


2 responses to “Thoughts on the Persuasive Side…

  1. I agree with you very much on the fact that research before thesis is very critical. This is made an even more critical step when you know little of the topic you will be writing about.
    I am really kind of bothered about having to find actual written sources. It will require a day trip for me to a Library in Lexington. Researching online is one thing, but doing it the old fashioned way takes a bit more time and planning.
    I wish you good luck on your research and topic picking.

  2. I also have to do some research I don’t know much about the topics she has listed. This paper is going to be a bit harder to do. I;m not all that good with persuasive papers, but its been a while since I wrote one, I may do better than I have in the past. I’m a little nervous about this essay. But we will see how it goes.

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