Assembly Required

With just 10 days until our first draft of essay 2 is due, its time to start the writing process.  I have bits and pieces scattered all over my desk!  Reference material stacked up and 2 more books to go through!  No wonder Professor Stacy commented about working ahead!  I have two other classes that are as equally time consuming so this week is not going to be an easy one.  Time to draw up a plan of action!

The first step is always the hardest.  Putting a puzzle together is always confusing at the beginning. Taking the pieces out of the box and arrange them so you can see what you have. For my essay, this will be making a list of the ideas I will use to argue a point.  Second, you have to arrange the different pieces into groups, like edge pieces and pieces of the same color.  For the essay, that will be grouping events to substantiate the different points I want to use for my arguement.  Then the assembly starts, the framework first and then fill in the middle. 

Time to get started!


3 responses to “Assembly Required

  1. I know what you mean! Just a few days left now, and I still have a bit to go. And to beat it all, my charger for my laptop bit the dust and I am having trouble finding a new one, talk about drama!!!!! Hopefully things will get better. Good luck pulling yours together!

  2. It sounds like you got it pretty organized. I have struggled with this paper so much and has stressed me out. I have worked ahead and I struggled so much I want to get a good grade on this paper and I’m worried about it and I htink about what to do so much and it messes me up when I go to work on it I feel so confused and just want to quit, I try to clear my head and start over but hten I start stressing myself out again. I hope my paper turns out good I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Hi Brittney! You are not alone when it comes to this paper stressing you out! I have lost hair, sleep and many brain cells myself! I worked on my paper everyday and still think it lacks something. I couldn’t wrap my head around it no matter how hard I tried! Keep the faith Brit! We’ll get through this! Remember we are LEARNING how to write. If we already knew then we wouldn’t need to take this class! A friend of mine tells me one thing when I get stressed out over something, she says “put it in a bubble and blow it away!” Hang in there!

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