I think I lost a few brain cells…

This semester has turned out to be totally different from what I imagined it at the beginning.  Working fulltime, taking 3 classes, plus trying to get ready to run the Triple Crown and Mini Marathon has taken every minute of my time.  I thought that my Algebra class would have been the big time eater and I was really worried about Philosophy, but Writing II has got them all beat!  I rewrote my essay 3 times at least!  I’d start and not like it and start over again.  This one is not what I had hoped it would be.  Maybe I am trying too hard?  Maybe I researched too much?  Maybe I picked the wrong topic to write about?  Problem is there is no time left to do any changing of topics (and I truly thought that I could write a great piece).  My problem, I don’t know how to argue! I struggle with formulating a point that is one I want to make!  In my work I am usually writing things that are technical in nature, no opinions needed.  Straight forward stuff.  And it is plain to see in my essay that I need work in the area of persuasion.  I have one peer review in and it wasn’t a shining one, but a constructive one nonetheless.  So its roll up the sleeves time and lock myself in a room somewhere and have a heart to heart with this essay. 

I know I am not alone in this stressed out worried and crazy time we are having.  Many of the posts I am reading shows we are all wanting to deliver a good essay and are struggling with the format.  We have to remember that we are “learning” to write.  If we already knew how to write, why would we take this class? 

To all my stressed out classmates, this too shall pass, I hope…


One response to “I think I lost a few brain cells…

  1. WHEW…smile I definitely understand everything you said…I tell you this persuasive paper has really had me going, so THANK YOU so very much for the peer review. I welcome reviews like the one I received from you. I had to laugh after reading your blog because I realized I wasn’t alone in what I was going through regarding the class and this paper…sheesh (smile), and I felt encouraged. So good luck with your heart to heart and with adding the finishing touches to your essay!

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