The Law of Diminishing Returns

Essay 2 is now in the hands of Professor Stacy.  This assignment was a hair pulling experience.  Nonetheless, I learned a lot of things that I did not know.  As for the persuasive stand point, it was very difficult to grasp an arguement that would no way change the outcome of history.  It is what it is.  Perhaps that is where my weakness lies. 

My revisions to the essay were to strengthen my thesis statement.  It wasn’t a clearly defined point and rather muddled.  Lots of grammar corrections and citations needed to be added and double checked and the flow of the paper refined.  I looked at that paper everyday, to the point that I couldn’t see the forest from the trees.  As my daughter commented, “There is a law of diminished returns. At some point you have to declare DONE and just be happy with it.”  This paper may not be the shining piece that I struggled to produce but it was done with hard honest work.  After all we are in this class to learn. 

While I await the fate of Essay 2, work on my Ala Carte piece is in the process.  Looming on the horizon is Essay 3…


3 responses to “The Law of Diminishing Returns

  1. Tell your daughter I said “thank you” for putting that into words for me. I often struggle with the same problem, which causes me to cringe when I click the submit button. In the end, you are right, eventually you will have to just let go and allow yourself to be satisfied with what you have. GL on the ala carte project.

  2. This essay was also a hair pulling experpience for me. I struggled a lot with finding a persuasive voice on past events. It seemed very difficult to take a different perspective when I already knew the outcome of the topics. O well, we did our best and now its out of our hands. I am still awaiting a grade on my paper, no longer patiently unfortunetly. Good luck as we go forward into essay 3!

  3. I love your daughter’s quote. It really is true! At the finishing line of the revisions, I just had to finally stop. After staring at a paper consecutively for 5 days, I’m pretty sure I was just ready to turn it in. I hope it was a great learning experience for you though! Now, we get to dissect a movie! I am a little intimidated but I am hoping for the best. Hope you are enjoying your week!

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