Movie Review: True Grit

The movie True Grit released in 1969 told the story of a young girls quest for revenge of her fathers death with the aid of a roughneck US Marshall and a wet behind the ears Texas Ranger. Kim Darby portrays Mattie Ross , a head strong young lady with a flare for business, who takes it upon herself to bring to justice her father’s murderer, Tom Chaney.  Chaney shot her father and stole the money he was to use for the purchase of horses along with his lucky gold pieces.  When she sought the assistance of the Sheriff of the town, she was told that he could not go after him since he escaped into indian territory and only US Marshalls had the jurisdiction of seeking the wanted in the territory.  She is told of the US Marshalls and sought out Rooster Cogburn, a brash alcoholic, played by John Wayne, and strikes a business deal to track, capture and bring before the judge for hanging her father’s murderer.  To complicate the matters further, a young Texas Ranger, La Boeuf, played by Glen Campbell, has also been tracking Tom Chaney for the murder of a Texas Senator.  Personalities clash among the three and sparks fly as Mattie  is insistent on accompanying the two lawmen in the capturing of Tom Chaney.  She is bound and determined to see Tom Chaney hang, but the Texas Ranger wants sole possession of the outlaw so that he might claim the rewards offered by the State of Texas and the Senators family.  Rooster Cogburn takes a liking to Mattie and looks after her as a younger sister.  Texas Ranger LeBouf bucks Roosters authority and causes trouble.  In the end, justice prevails, and Mattie obtains the revenge for her father and the lasting friendship of Rooster Cogburn.


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