The finish line is around the corner!

I have just completed the draft version of Essay 3 and submitted it to Safe Assign for a quick check.  Barring any hiccups, I will be able to submit for Professor Stacy’s review by tomorrow evening.  With the end of the semester quickly approaching, I find myself scrambling to gain an advantage on all my classes.  Finals are quickly approaching and with the festivities of Derby and the Mini Marathon just around the corner I am most certainly pressed for time and getting in my last bit of training!  Maybe this is another form of Spring Fever among students!  It is hard to believe that  with only 3 weeks left I will have completed my first full year of college.  Being an older student this is definitely a significant mark in my education.  What I thought, just a few years ago impossible, I am now accomplishing!  The pride can be seen on my face and in my conversations that I have with anyone who asks about my educational goals. 

My education has taken the front seat in my life.  I have raised my children and have seen to their education.  Now its my turn.  With a house that could be deemed a disaster area and a husband who is supportive  but lacks domestic abilities, I forge my way on this journey to obtain an education I dreamed of so long ago.  My promise to myself is that long-awaited degree. 

I know this class has been stressful on some of us, but it has made stronger writers of all of us.  Write on fellow students!




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