The Final Leg of The Semester

Here we are only a couple of weeks away from the finish of the spring semester.  All my classes seem to have doubled the work as we push to the end of the class.  Finals are in the wings and projects are due in.  This semester has been a full one academically for me.  But I do have a sense of accomplishment.  And that my friends and fellow classmates is what it is all about.  We are improving ourselves, one class/semester at a time.  I have learned critical thinking through my Philosophy class; saw Algebra in a different light and what applications it “does” have in our daily lives; and become a better writer, at least in structure and research, that will enable me to produce acceptable papers for future classes along with enhancing my writing at work.  Every class I take leads me closer to my end goal of a degree I have always yearned for. 

I know for some of my classmates it has been a difficult time.  Many of you are struggling to balance home life, work and school.  Just know this, no matter what, the end will justify the means.  Your hard work will enrich your lives in the long run.   

We are all winners here.  So my fellow classmates, let us hold our heads high as we cross the finish line of the semester!  May your future be bright and your rewards bountiful!


6 responses to “The Final Leg of The Semester

  1. I enjoyed reading your post on the final leg of the semester. I agree with you that it seems like all of the classes has doubled the work towards the end. It is stressful, but it will be worth it when we all have our degrees. Good luck in finishing the rest of the semester.

    Shannon Thurmond

  2. Your last two posts have been great. I can absolutely relate to everything you are going through. I am an older student as well and trying to balance work, family, and school is definitley a challenge. I think we are up for it though!

  3. I am so glad that the semester is coming to an end. It has been a full semester for me as well and I am looking forward to the much needed break. I, like you, have learned so much this semester and have carried everything that I have learned into my everyday life. I am one step closer to my degree and that feeling makes me feel very accomplished. I hope that you have a great summer and a better fall semester.

  4. I am very glad that this semester is coming to an end I can not wait! I have been so stressed out, and want it to be over! I hope to do good on this last essay and get a B in the class my other classes may not turn out as well! But good luck hope you do good in everything!

  5. I am glad I am not the only one who’s work has doubled as we come to the end of the semester. I loved reading your posts, it makes me excited to be ending my first year of college. I hope that your semester is going the way you want it to and that you are enjoying yourself and not to busy with all of your school work. Good luck with the rest of the semester, only a couple of days left!

  6. This semester has definitely been a challenge as I’ve commented several times (smile). I’ve been challenged beyond what I thought I could do and that has been a great accomplishment for me. I actually did pretty good in all my classes, but I will not count my eggs until their hatched. Counting down the days…

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