Essay 3 and It’s Crunch Time!

This week is by far the busiest of the whole semester!  There is so much on my plate that if I put one more thing I think the plate will break!  Essay 3 is just about complete with revisions.  I wanted to take a few days to bounce the essay off a few people.  I hope to have it polished and presented by this Friday along with my reflection memo and final postings to the blog god.  In the meantime, I still have two discussion boards in Philosophy and final to study for; an algebra final coming up and still homework to complete and turn in.  Where does the time go? 

Back to essay 3 where I need to concentrate on punching it up a bit.  I believe I have a good thesis statement but had a tendency to drift away from my point and end up with more of a summary instead of a point.  I think that watching the movie once more helped to refocus.  I am playing with different twists and words, trying to find just the right ones to put the spark into it.  Maybe my next class should be creative writing!?!  I thought that this essay would be a breeze but given the type of resource and what we need to do, I find it just as challenging as the other two!  One cannot say we haven’t learned this semester!

Well, back to work my fellow writer’s as our end is at hand!


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