The Time Has Come to Bid Adieu

Essay 3 has been revised and submitted for grading. My reflective memo written and posted. Now I come to this, my final blog entry to what at first seemed to be an endless semester.  But how that has changed!  I remember reviewing the syllabus thinking of all the work I would have to put in to this class.  And yes, there was countless hours of research, writer’s block and hair pulling.  I have made it to the end and with my head held high.  With the writing skills that I have learned, I am confident they will assist me in my future classes and the many papers yet to be written. 

Sitting at my computer, I tried to connect with some of my fellow students.  Many I have come to realize are older students like myself.  Maybe not as old but slightly seasoned.  We all are here for a reason, we have a dream and a goal before us.  We are all reaching for that degree and the doors that it will open for us.  And for those who are young and fresh or near fresh out of high school, enjoy these years and take advantage of your youthful mind.  Together we stressed over Essay 2 and panicked when the research proved challenging.  We breathed a sigh of relief with Essay 3 only to find it surprisingly not easy at all.  We toiled over what Ala Carte project to complete and juggled to find the time to complete the assignment amidst the work we had already on our plate.  But we pulled through stronger than when we started.

My plans for my immediate future, more schooling.  I will have a nice month off before I head back to the books and tackle College Algebra.  Then a short week break at the beginning of August where I will enjoy a week in Punta Cana on the Caribbean Sea with my husband in celebration of 25 years of marriage and a honeymoon we never took.  Then on to the next semester of school. 

In closing my fellow classmates, I wish each of the best of luck in your future.  Perhaps one day our paths may cross again.  Until then, I bit you all, Adieu…


2 responses to “The Time Has Come to Bid Adieu

  1. OH im glad im not the only one taking summer classes! I dont feel so lonely 😦 Atleast we get a month off during derby and memorial day! Thats a nice 5 weeks. Then Im actually taking two classes. PSY and Computers 130. Lame. But i agree with you, this semester was as challenge but I like being challenged! I feel like I learned more this semester than I have previously. Good luck and enjoy your break

  2. I am very glad this semester has came to an end. I spent a lot of time on this class. I thought this semester would never be over, but it is I have turned in my reflective memo and am proofreading my essay today and submitting it. I hope to get the grade I want in this class I worked very hard on it. So keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone hope you do well in the last days of school!

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