Ala Carte Project: Jefferson Story Project

This week I completed my Ala Carte project and I must say, I totally enjoyed it!  I chose to do an interview for submission into the Jefferson Story Project.  When the semester began, this project was not available and I had started work on a digital scrapbook.  I had the formatting and information sources collected.  I just wasn’t feeling enthusiastic about it.  The book “Listening Is An Act of Love” was one of the recommended books for this course.  I began reading it at the beginning of the school semester thinking I could get a jump-start on some required readings.  I fell in love with the idea.  So when the project was added to the project list, I just couldn’t resist.  I wanted to share my story. 

The questions were regarding my education and moments that meant something to me and how I fit in at Jefferson Community and Technical College.  As some of you may know, I am an older person (not too old!).  Many of my peers ask why I chose to go back to school now with retirement not too far in the future.  Well for one, I will never retire until I am not able to work anymore.  But that is another story.  I asked my youngest son to do me the honors of conducting the interview.  It gave us an opportunity to do something together.  He also learned something about me!

Here is a link to my recorded interview.  Enjoy! Renee Roberts ENG102 Ala Carte Project: Jefferson Project


One response to “Ala Carte Project: Jefferson Story Project

  1. Your project turned out great and it sounds like you had a lot of fun doing it! The pictures of you and your son are great and really complete your post! 🙂

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