Words of Encouragement

Sometimes I amaze myself at how much work I can get done while under stress.  At the beginning of the week, I was faced with so much on my plate Ididn’t think I could add one more item to the already long list of To-do’s.  I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed, in tears and doubting my abilities to complete the needs of the week.  My husband came up behind me and reassured me that what I am doing is good and that I am strong willed and will see it through.  These words of encouragement fueled my spirit and I was able to complete the tasks with time to spare.  Though I am by far not free of all school work, I can afford to spend some time this weekend relaxing and recharging for the final leg of the semester.

Many of us have experienced stress and doubt in this class.  We all thought we would be committed by the end of Essay 2.  It only shows that with critical thinking and determination we prevailed.  We all must keep in mind if it was easy we won’t be learning and wouldn’t take from this class a sense of accomplishment.  I for one  enjoyed the experience of this class.


It’s Movie Time!

I had decided a month before we were to start essay 3 to write on True Grit (although Blazing Saddles was a close second thought).  I loved John Wayne as a little girl and watched all his movies.  They were the only western movies that I can recall ever being interested in.  Forget Clint Eastwood, I loved the swagger John Wayne had in his stride.  So after clearing my desk of the debrid of Essay 2, I asked my son if he could look to see if Netflix had the 1969 movie (they did remake the movie in 2010 but it was not on the list nor did I want to watch a John Wayne film that didn’t have him in it!)  He searched and said that it was available and set it up for me to access on the Wii in the family room.  There I sat poised with pen and notebook along with a bag of popcorn and soda to boot.  The only thing missing were the JuJu beans.  As the film began and the characters made their debut in the movie, John Wayne just didn’t look like the Rooster Cogburn that I remember, and what was Matt Damon doing in the film!?!  Yep, wrong version!  I tried to search the Netflix database for the 1969 version but was totally unsuccessful.  Bummer…

My only option now was to either a) search the city of Louisville for a copy in the numerous stores that sell vidoes or, b) order it from an online source.  My sister told me that if I ordered a new copy from Amazon that I would be sure to get it on a couple days since their fulfillment center is in Hebron, KY.  Taking her advise I ordered my copy and had it sent standard shipping thinking that it would just be a day or two.  How long could it take to get to me?  Hebron is just in my backyard practically! 

Time is ticking away and I’m getting nervous.  Homework is piling up and I still haven’t received the movie!  Five days later, the movie finally arrives, just in time to compete with an already busy weekend.  I could have drove a few miles up the road, picked the movie up at the fulfillment center and have already reviewed and have a rough draft already typed out! 

Moral of the story, I should have asked it to be sent “Pony Express’!


It is done…

Talk about stressing out!  When it came time to submit my paper, after rewriting countless times until I almost forgot what I was writing about, I could hardly make myself click on the submit button.  Now the torture of waiting to see the outcome.  I know for many of us, it won’t be an easy thing to do.  Especially for me… 

This week I had a meeting with my advisor for the ULtra program.  A kind woman of middle age much like myself.  As she was going over what I have and what I need, she pointed out that I will need to maintain a 3.0 GPA to be accepted into the U of L School of Business.  I could feel the my panic well up in my throat and I blurted out “Anything less than a 3.5 will cause me to stroke out!”  Needless to say a giggle escaped for her and she stated that the older students always feel that way.  Guess I am not the first one to express those feelings to her!

All I can do now is wait  and for me, well, it will be torture!

What!?! Revise My Masterpiece!?!

Revisions are so difficult!  You work your rearend off getting the draft just so and now we have to rip it apart and rebuild it, AGAIN!  Not an easy task but a necessary one.  Since my draft had very little peer review, I shipped it off the the Chapman Writing Center for a review by a writing tudor.  The results were eye opening!  The tweaks and changes that need to be done, I would have not thought of on my own. 

Now my work really starts, with axing parts and expounding on others.  Shifting and shaping.  All in hopes of a good review by Professor Stacy and in the long run, making a better writer of myself.  Your real work starts when the revising phase begins!


The Reviews Are In…

Peer Reviews are now coming to a close.  There were many good posts on the discussion board that gave me several ideas to adjust my own work even though it was not aimed at my paper.  Everyone seemed to try to give their best advise to assist the author in the final phase of writing before posting the finished product. 

I do need to give a big thanks to Jim Flickering for reviewing my paper given the state it was in!  For whatever reason (tech support is working on it) the last part of my paper was missing.  I even tried to repost and it still cut off the last few paragraphs!  But he was able to give me helpful insight to some necessary corrections!  And I do so appreciate his help.  Blake Carlson also tried to review my essay for me.  Poor guy was having internet troubles and lost his post.  Guess we had the computer gremlins hard at work making a mess of things!  Thanks you both for your efforts!

I was able to review four essays.  I would have loved to do more but time is limited when you work 40+ and taking three courses.  I enjoyed reading many of the essays and thought we all did a good job.  Most of the things I noticed (perhaps still a work in progress) was the formatting of the paper. 

All in all it looks like we should see many excellent pieces posted to the blog sites for review by all! Congratulations everyone on round one of our first essay! 

Happy Writings!

The Peer Review Process… Wait for it, wait for it!

The wonderful peer review process has begun and I am hopeful that it will not be like the last semester.  I was luckly to get a review and of the few I got, it wasn’t insightful.  As a matter of fact, the person didn’t have a clue. 

The peer review is a valuable tool for the writer, both in giving the review and receiving.  We get to exercise thoughts and hear the thoughts of our potential readers.  I can write all day but if it doesn’t make sense who would read it?  I need to learn from others and others from me.  Exchange of ideas open doors for more ideas and better ones.  I myself will patrole the discussion board and try my best to assist those who are lacking the essential peer review.  Those of you who read my blog and understand the the lack of review and how it affects the writer, I challenge you to check the discussion board and offer review to those who have very little.  This is an important step in our writing process and would hate to think someone missing out.

To those who will review my essay, thank you!  And to those I review, I hope my comments help you acheive an excellent grade!